GeoMetrix Data Systems

Building business technology solutions
to meet compliance since 1992


We specialize in using technology to help organizations meet compliance.


GeoMetrix is committed to industry standards, both meeting them internally and providing the functionality for our customers to meet them.

Organizations dealing with industry or government regulations are often required to meet specific standards for system security, audit trails and verification of electronic documents. Our products offer features to help organizations meet the standards from a variety of regulatory bodies.

We have extensive experience developing software features for security, audit trails, verifications and revisions.

We have a proven history of providing the controls necessary to help meet the requirements of Health Canada, US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), ISO-9000-conforming agencies, OSHA and other bodies.

We are also committed to the standards of interoperability and integration specific to certain industries and applications.

One of our software products achieved Aviation Industry CBT Committee (AICC) certification in 2001 and was the first software from a Canadian vendor to achieve AICC certification.

GeoMetrix has also passed an external vendor audit to review the capabilities, operations and controls in regard to the validation and on-going development and support of our software. The purpose of the audit was to document the determination of GeoMetrix as a software vendor being suitable for use by a pharmaceutical manufacturer, and the company passed the audit.


Read what customers and industry analystis have said about GeoMetrix and its products.

"GeoMetrix' customers are among the most loyal of any in the market. Their customers give them the highest marks in overall business values and overall improvements in productivity."

"Comparable functionality with most of the major systems but at a much lower price point, plus the company has some of the best people to work with in the industry."

"There were no unplanned expenses. This was due mainly to the expertise and time that GeoMetrix provided in going over our requirements and explaining the systems capabilities, functionality, and structure."

"As a pure software product, it seemed to be a better crafted product in many ways."

"We appreciate and recognize the quality and professionalism of the GeoMetrix staff. In particular, their implementation staff played a key role in the successful development and deployment of the implementation."

"Throughout the implementation phase, GeoMetrix technical and project-management staff did an excellent job of responding to our issues and questions. GeoMetrix support has also been excellent."

"Recent vendor and ISO9000 auditors have commented on how effective they believe our new certification programs to be."